Top quality, fresh potatoes for every purpose

A team with extensive knowledge of the conditioning, storing and handling of Potatoes;assuring a supply that always delivers the very BEST TASTE to every sector.

If it’s not a Linwood Potato, it’s just any potato…’

Linwood Crops brings together the UK’s best potato growers with discerning buyers across the UK and Europe. Linwood Crops operates within every sector of the fresh potato supply chain, offering full crop traceability from seed to shelf, field to freezer, and plough to plate.

Chef’s Taste is our unique, gourmet range of fresh potatoes for chefs. Through collaborations with renowned chefs we have developed the ideal potato for every culinary discipline. Chef’s Taste is all about the taste and consistency, always assuring that the potatoes used are the best for purpose.

Our Customers

Our diverse customer base spans the hospitality, food manufacturing and retail sectors. We meet exacting specifications and pack sizes. We cost-effectively and sustainably assure chefs the best taste and consistency every day, all year round. Linwood Crops operates within every sector of the fresh potato supply chain, offering full crop traceability from seed to shelf, field to freezer, and plough to plate.

Our Growers

We work with experienced and professional growers nationwide, who produce quality potatoes every year, grown specifically and conditioned for the intended purpose.

Our primary suppliers are either Red Tractor (UK) or GlobalGAP compliant. Many of our growers are also LEAF Marque, Nurture, and Field to Fork accredited. We check the status of the grower at the time of loading, and every load arrives with a potato passport, as well as crop records, offering full traceability.

The broad geographical spread of our grower base keeps miles to market to a minimum and reduces potential weather impacts when loading from the field.

Our other brands

Unless specifically requested, we don’t sell by variety, we sell by TASTE and PURPOSE. Experience has taught us that great taste does not come down to just the variety, but the correct conditioning; balancing sugar versus starch levels, temperatures and soil types. 

Itsy Bitsy

Our washed baby potatoes are carefully sorted and sized 35x45mm from ware crops – only the brightest skins will qualify for this brand. Itsy Bitsy potatoes are perfect as a cheaper alternative to a specific salad variety potato.

Guys Fries

Guys Fries is our classic chip shop potato brand. Guys Fries are carefully selected from the potato varieties most suited for chipping – creating the perfect crispy outer layer with a fluffy inside, at any time of year. Chipping is easy with each potato measuring at least 45mm. Available washed or brushed.

Potato Passion

For the biggest, crispiest chips, choose our Potato Passion brand. Each potato measures at least 60mm and is chosen from the best chipping varieties to give a flawless chip every time, every month of the year. Available washed or brushed.

Just Enjoy

Our all-rounder potatoes are a store-room choice, ready for anything. They offer a multi-purpose solution for roasting, baking, mashing or chipping. Each potato is at least 45mm in sized. This brand is available washed or brushed.

Our Facilities

Our BRC AA accredited facilities in Cambridgeshire include state of the art sampling, handling, conditioning, storage, washing and packing equipment, and dispatch. We are committed to continued investment to keep us sustainable for the future.


Our grading, packing and storage facilities have been BRC accredited since 2018. We have consistently achieved the high standard of AA grade ever since.

Maintaining our BRC accreditation is critical in assuring standards for our customers. Part of this accreditation process assesses our ability to trace the source of produce supplied – right down the field where it was grown.

Trade & Bulk

Linwood specialises in suppling all sectors from our dedicated grower base strategically spread across the UK and northern Europe complimented by a state-of-the-art storage, handling and packing facility located in March Cambridgeshire.